Listen to Photography Podcast to Keep Your Drive Alive

Podcasts have been a huge factor in keeping my photography drive alive. I can listen to them during a commute, or when I just get a quiet moment at home and want to relax. The good thing is that there are dozens of good quality photography podcasts on iTunes (or Google) for you to fill your brain with. Another good thing is that they cover such a wide range of topics, from purely technical “how-to” style shows, to news, to gear reviews.

Like I said, there are a ton of podcasts out there (including one coming very soon for this very website!) so listen to several of them and find two or three that really speak to you. The two major players are the TWiP (This Week In Photo) network of shows along with the Master Photography Podcast network. Both groups put out extremely high quality content, with multiple shows on each platform releasing weekly episodes.

This Week In Photo is purely a news show that talks about current events in photography. It is hosted by Frederick Van Johnson and has a rotating cast of characters that guest host each week. The show has a very light and humorous approach while still being direct and very informative. TWiP was the first podcast I ever listened to on a regular basis, going back to probably 2007.

Along with TWiP, their network also has several other great shows. Behind The Shot, hosted by Steve Brazill, is a show where Steve interviews a photography about the making on a specific photograph. They detail the thought process that went into the shot, and how they got to the final outcome. It is a video podcast (vodcast) so I recommend watching this one when you can take the time to watch, rather than just listen. Pocketshooters is a show focusing solely on mobile device photography! All About The Gear is about, well... GEAR!  There is a MASSIVE backlog of TWiP  shows as well on iTunes. 

The other major player, The Master Photography Podcast (formerly Improve Photography). The thing I really love about this group is that they just come across as people I could hang out with at a ballgame or a poker table. They are very professional but also like to have some fun as well. I catch myself laughing out loud in the car on many occasions just listening to them. They don’t come across as the know-it-all types (even though they really do know it all…) and I really get the feeling that they want to teach me how to become a better photographer when I listen to it. You can tell that they love doing the show and really enjoy teaching. Along their network they have Latitude (a show about Landscape and Travel Photography), Photo Taco (photography tips in the time it takes to eat a taco... or perhaps a burrito), Portrait Session, and more. I recommend checking out all of the shows that pertain to your niche in the photo world. 

There are several shows out there that I have tried listening to where the hosts will come across as stuffy and rude, and you can almost see their nose turning up at you as you listen. A great podcast has to have a good core group of people behind it, and both of these networks nail it in that regard.

The best part about podcasts is if you subscribe to them they pop up on your podcatcher as soon as a new show becomes available, and it will always keep you thinking about photography. It’s easy to set your camera in your bag and forget about it for a month or two with everything life brings us. Having multiple shows to listen to throughout the week always keeps photography on my brain and helps with keeping my drive to shoot going strong.

Check out all of the shows that you can and see if you can find a few that really jump out at you. Make it a point to listen to them as they release and you will constantly be finding yourself wanting to get the lens cap off your camera!