Sell your listing faster with professional real estate photos. Stand out from the crowd and start receiving more offers today. By using an advanced exposure blending technique we are able to capture more of the true look of the interior of your home, rather than a dark and dull image that you would typically get with a cell phone. Exposure blending allows us to capture the room with detail similar to what the human eye is accustomed to seeing, keeping the highlights and shadows from taking over the image. You only get one chance at a first impression, and with most people beginning their home-buying experience online, your photos are more important than ever. A good set of images could make the difference between a potential buyer picking up the phone or completely skipping your listing altogether! We can help you get more phone calls on your listings right away!

Services we provide:

  • Professional Exterior and Interior Photography
  • Aerial Drone Photography and Videography (FAA Part 107 Certified)
  • Twilight appointments available to showcase your home at the most beautiful part of the day
  • High Quality video walk-through with direct YouTube link for easy sharing


Why Choose Brad as your Real Estate Photographer?

Look, I get it. There are a ton of real estate photography companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. But when you choose me to be your real estate photographer you are getting just that. Me! None of my work is ever hired out to employees or contractors that simply act as the middle-man between you and the company you hired. You will always know what you are getting because I personally will be the one doing all of the photography, editing and delivery of your images. I pride myself on creating long lasting relationships with my agents and homeowners, and will personally be in contact with you throughout the process. I make myself as available as possible to make sure your experience is top notch, from setting the first appointment all the way through the sale of your home. Please contact me below to find out more information.

-Brad Edwards

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